This whole blog is (and will be) all about me and stuff I’m doing and making — yet I get the yips when I have to put something on the “about me” page.

One of my other online bios says, “I write, I travel, I do stuff.” Add “make stuff” and we’re probably good.

I’m a rarity, at least among craft blogs I’ve seen, as I’m not a mom. Any kids’ projects you may see here are because I really really wanted to do them.

I love fannishness, geek culture, inclusiveness, salvage art and a host of other stuff I’ll no doubt talk about.

When I hear “Somebody has too much time on his/her hands,” about some creative pursuit, I automatically lose respect for whoever said it. (There’s one exception, and that’s when it’s about a hate-hobbyist, somebody who spends all his/her time tearing down other people or campaigning against other people’s lives instead of living their own.)

So there you go. I write, I travel, I do stuff, and I make stuff. Hang around; it should get fun. It’ll definitely get weird.


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