Caution: Falling Stnadards!*


Many of the writers I know have probably heard this story: The poet William Stafford wrote a poem every day, first thing in the (very early) morning. Someone one asked him what he did when he found himself unable to produce, and he said, “I lower my standards.”

Which seems like a good philosophy to have when embarking on a year of crafts, too. So I’ve lowered my standards for today. The activities I was planning to undertake in a great blur of motion have been postponed for varying lengths of time. It’s not so much I’m lowering my standards for today’s craftiness, but I’m giving up the thought of cramming about four projects into one day so that I can have the most perfectly awesome guest room/craft room when I have a houseguest in two weeks. I went out yesterday and did some shopping and walking around with my friend, and the foot that has been giving me trouble has been hurting nonstop since then (even the spellbinding Ira Glass didn’t manage to make me unaware of the skeletal rebellion going on). So the sanding, priming and painting frenzy I planned is off. I do need to make room for the kitchen table and headboard I’m getting delivered on Tuesday, and I will write a post about my project of the week and I will take some photos to submit to the art show that already has my application. Even that seems like a lot right now.

Fortunately I have some projects coming up that are perfectly doable while lounging on the couch.

*Hahaha, just saw my typo on the header line. I’m keeping it!


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