Caution: Contents May Be Hot


The project I was actually working on during the week is under internet embargo until my brother’s fiancee receives and opens it, but I have to say I’m very pleased with how it came out. It’s in the mail, so it will probably be next week’s featured project.

But hey, this week I can present the thing I had to hold back because it was a present for someone else! See how that works?

So this is one of those “inspired by…” items that I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of. In this case, the item I saw on Pinterest didn’t lead to a tutorial but a picture on Flickr, which is here: I thought they were seriously adorable, but I don’t quilt (yet) and didn’t particularly want to screw around with zippers yet. So I went with the thing I have in abundance: felt. And I decided that a coin purse without a zipper was a serious design flaw, so the quilted coffee cup coin purse became a felt take-out cup glasses case.

I’m still loving the soft green merino that I used on the cup cozy (Project 1), so I picked a sleeve from that sweater, since it already has the long, slanted shape of a tall take-out cup.

Where do generals keep their armies? In their sleevies!

Once I got it cut to the size I wanted, I discovered a moth hole, one of the dangers of working with felted thrift shop sweaters. I’ve needle felted patches for moth holes before, but they’re a lot less visible on fuzzier sweaters with a pattern. Since I had already cut up the other sleeve for the first project, I decided to needle felt a polka dot to cover the hole, and then added a few more for camouflage. That’s the secret of being as imperfect a crafter as I am: learn to love imperfections (see next week’s project when the time comes) or make them look intentional.

Since sleeves tend to be more curvy on one side than another, I moved the seam around to the back and ironed it that way (for someone who hates ironing as much as I do, I’ve become a fan of the mid-project pressing) so it doesn’t look like the leaning tower of java.

The rest of the project was put together with hand sewing. I used embroidery floss with a variegated range that went nicely with the cup and sleeve, and went with white thread for the lid.

It got a little alarming when nobody who saw me working on this could tell what it was. (“A fish!” was one guess.) But a Dangerous Crafts girl soldiers on, and so I did, and added some details to add realism: fabric latte, with a little natural roving for foam and a bit of magenta roving for the obligatory lipstick print. (Note to self: determine that you are working with actual wool roving before ironing. The magenta got a little melty and some of it ended up on the white lid portion, but since I always get lipstick on the lid of a cup, I considered it a feature, not a bug.)

Here’s the finished glasses case:

Cute argyle-patterned button added to suggest a logo

And as you tip off the “lid”:

Foam and lip-print details

I especially like the ribbed cup sleeve for that corrugated look.

A little funky, and next time I might cut off the thin bit of ribbing at the sleeve bottom, which I think contributed to the fishtail look. But all in all it was a successful gift, and well appreciated.


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